Saturday 6 July 2019

Blowing Off Steam with a Tag

This is the last project that I worked on before spending five days in Germany with a school trip.  I didn't really think that I would feel like this by the end of the trip but I am always glad when we all return home safe and happy from the visit.
One method that I use when I want a quick background is to look through my stack of paper towel mop up sheets.  This one is from cleaning red paint off the Dotty Wave stencil by Claritystamp.  The top layer was glued to a #8 manilla tag, dried and trimmed.
Next I brushed Twisted Citron Distress oxide down the left hand side of the tag.
I chose a variety of words and sayings from Leonie's stamp set and added them in Carnation Red Archival ink.  I hadn't bothered cleaning the blue indexing off the stamps so this affected the final colour, but I like the result.
To finish, I added four of the wee Folk stamps in Fired Brick Distress Oxide.
A quick project, but one I am really pleased with.  PS. We had a great trip.  The pupils were amazing and we were very proud of them.


  1. a another great project. Glad you all had a good time & are safely back home. Only 1 more week of school lets hope the summer weather stays, it seems to have disappeared at the moment.

  2. Always good when the pu xxpils make you proud. Makes all the hard work involved worth it. Enjoy your weekend


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