Tuesday 22 November 2016

A Snowflake Puzzle!

Hi everyone, I'm back after a week's break with my latest card.  Once again I used some of the jigsaw pieces to create a topper for a Christmas card with a contemporary colour scheme and theme; I hope that you like it.

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Mission Inspiration November 2016

I've had a lovely relaxing day, crafting in the company of a good friend, working on the November mission for Mission Inspiration.  I didn't have a clue where I was going when I started, but once again, everything came together and I love the finished page.  The only pieces which I had to die cut/punch out were the book text leaves and the heart behind the doves; everything else came out of my stash.  The quote is one I found online having completed step 7 and which helped me decide on my focal image.

Sunday 13 November 2016

Naming Ceremony Blessings

This card was made for my son's friend, whose baby was being received into the Church of the Latter Day Saints.  I'm not really familiar with the ceremony, so did a little research before I created it.  Can you guess the name of the baby?

Saturday 12 November 2016

PASC #1116

Here is my latest Pick a Stick Challenge for November 2016.  I must confess that I haven't completed the October Challenge yet, but I have left a page for it in my PASC art journal.  This time I felt really inspired by the steps and, having been feeling rather ill over the last few days, decided to use the process to help me feel better.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

WOYWW #388 - Trying to Find My Muse

Rounding up supplies
Hello everyone - the week has certainly gone quickly.  I am trying to get on early today as I also have loads of work to do for tomorrow and I wanted to try and get some crafting in first.  This was the only chance to share my workbench with you (Thanks, Julia for playing host each week), before it gets covered with exercise books!
Extra bits and pieces.
As you might guess.  I am getting ready for an art journal challenge and have my list of prompts ready, as well as some of the supplies that I will need.  I have decided to go with a blue and white colour scheme as it is so cold this morning.  I doubt whether I will have time to finish my journal page today, but I will try and share it soon.
This is the finished card that I was working on last Wednesday.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Groovi Christmas Wreath

This card is the result of my first attempt using the fantastic new Christmas Wreath Groovi plates designed by Linda Williams for Claritystamp.  I used a mixture of the Woven Wreath and Twiggy Wreath plates, together with a banner from the Christmas Banners set. Even though I personalised it for my parents, the colouring, matting and layering took longer than the parchment and white work.

Saturday 5 November 2016

Big Birthday Bra

This card was made for the special birthday of a long time acquaintance of mine; a lovely lady who has been cutting my hair for more than half her life!  She is back at work having battled serious illness and I admire her strength.  This card was meant to reflect this.

Wednesday 2 November 2016

WOYWW - Not My Day Off After All

My desk this morning ready to finish a card.
I'm late sharing today with WOYWW (led by Julia) - or rather what was on my workbench yesterday while crafting with my regular crafty companion.  I did take a picture of my desk this morning, but I haven't much time to share as I have to go into work today for some compulsory trainingAs you can see, my Craft Stamper magazine arrived this morning and I have everything ready to mat and layer the Groovi image that I was working on yesterday.  I don't have time for a detailed step by step today as I have to leave for work soon, but watch out and I'll share soon. 
This was my desk yesterday when I had just finished outlining the image and was about to move onto the white work. 
I also took a picture of my friend's side of the desk.  Much neater than usual, working on stamping and colouring some die cut images of vegetables and herbs.  Notice the unique colour applicator tool!  Must dash, hope to visit everyone else's desks soon.