Wednesday 30 March 2022

WOYWW 669: Starting the Countdown

 The weeks are coming round ever more quickly now and it's unbelievably time to join in again with WOYWW and show off our desks with Julia at Stamping Ground.  I was thinking of Julia on Sunday as I know that it was likely to be a difficult day for her with her Mum's funeral being so close to Mother's Day.   

I admit that I took my desk photo yesterday afternoon as I was getting ready to choose papers and toppers for my #dailychallenge2022 pages.  This journal is not as thick as the last one was at the same stage as I have kept the bulk down in what I add to the pages.

I found a pad of preprinted toppers which I have been using recently.  Eva came over to craft yesterday afternoon for the first time since I had Covid but the shed has been cleaned and well aired out in the week and a half since I went back to work.  
She was working on Groovi projects as you can see.

This time in two weeks the Easter holidays will have begun and with clocks springing forward last weekend in the UK 2022 seems to be whizzing by.  As there won't be a meeting after work today due to Y5 and Y7 residential visits I will try and get round to everyone this evening.  Happy WOYWW everyone.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Linda Williams In the Garden Stamps: Ideas and Inspiration

I thought I would share some ideas and inspiration using some of the Linda Williams' in the Garden stamp sets.  Step by step links are below each picture.

They are such pretty stamps (see HERE).

Sunday 27 March 2022

Leafy Stamps and Stencil: Ideas and Inspiration

Another Clarity classic, the Leafy Swirls stamps and stencils.  Ideas and inspiration using a combination of both.

A clean and simple thank you card (see HERE).

Friday 25 March 2022

Sam's Sea Life Ideas and Inspiration

 I thought I would bring together ideas and inspiration for the selection of papers, stamps, and notelets designed by Sam Crowe for Claritystamp.

She has some new fishy stamps coming out today as well as these (see HERE for details of card).

Thursday 24 March 2022

Alphabet Jungle: Ideas and Inspiration

 The Alphabet Jungle stamps from Clarity lend themselves to a variety of occasions,  Here are some ideas and inspiration with links to the step by step instructions.

For example a retirement card (see HERE).

Wednesday 23 March 2022

WOYWW 668: What A Difference a Week Makes

 Wednesday rolls round again and what a difference a week makes.  I have coped well with my first week back at school post Covid, although I am ensuring that I get early nights and take it easy on my days' off.  The marking is caught up with so that is a weight off my mind.  As usual on a Wednesday I am joining in with the blog hop that is WOYWW thanks to Julia at Stamping Ground.

As you can see, my #dailychallenge2022 continues.  I found a book of die cuts from The Works and some Studiolight die cuts and papaers and they combine well with the Clarity word stickers for a quick page.

Training after work tonight so I will get round to some of you tomorrow morning before my hospital appointment.  Two years since the first lockdown started too!  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Entwined Wreaths: Ideas and Inspiration

 I thought I would pull together ideas and inspiration using the Clarity Entwined Wreath stamp sets.  Links to step by step projects are below each card.

They work on all backgrounds (see HERE).

Monday 21 March 2022

Thursday 17 March 2022

#Dailychallenge 2022: I was Doing so Well...

 I really must admit that I was doing so well with my #dailychallenge2022 and March started as I had left off: using lots of paper scraps, die cuts, word stickers and stamp left overs.  Then Covid struck.  I admit that I completed days 8-13 all in one session on 13th March which nearly wiped me out.

Having started a new scrapbook, the first page was a stand alone piece.

I turned day 3 into a tribute to the people of Ukraine.

I continued with a different colour scheme but still used hexagons.

The only reason there was a page on the day I tested positive is because I had set things up the day before ready to stick them down.
I then spent the next four days in bed and away from my craft room.  When I felt a little better, although still testing positive, I decided to continue with my tribute to Ukraine.
My fidrst negative test finally on the 14th so went back to my normal routine.

For my first day back at work, I used some items from a book of die cuts.
I hope I will stay on track for the rest of the year now.

Wednesday 16 March 2022

WOYWW 667: Getting There

 Thanks for all your supportive comments last week.  I had my second negative test yesterday morning so will be back in work today.  Welcome to my weekly WOYWW link up with Julia at Stamping Ground.

As you can see, things are slowly getting back to normal on my desk.  I must admit to completing 6 pages of my daily journal on Sunday as I hadn't felt up to anything before then and restarted properly on Monday when I had my first negative test.  Unfortunately I had to rearrange a hospital appointment so it will be 7 weeks from the original appointment was scheduled before I finally get to go.

As you can see, I kept my bulk pages simple.  Luckily wednesdays are light on the teaching front so I will try and take things easy as I get back into a routine.  Happy WOYWW.  Stay safe everyone.