Thursday 17 March 2022

#Dailychallenge 2022: I was Doing so Well...

 I really must admit that I was doing so well with my #dailychallenge2022 and March started as I had left off: using lots of paper scraps, die cuts, word stickers and stamp left overs.  Then Covid struck.  I admit that I completed days 8-13 all in one session on 13th March which nearly wiped me out.

Having started a new scrapbook, the first page was a stand alone piece.

I turned day 3 into a tribute to the people of Ukraine.

I continued with a different colour scheme but still used hexagons.

The only reason there was a page on the day I tested positive is because I had set things up the day before ready to stick them down.
I then spent the next four days in bed and away from my craft room.  When I felt a little better, although still testing positive, I decided to continue with my tribute to Ukraine.
My fidrst negative test finally on the 14th so went back to my normal routine.

For my first day back at work, I used some items from a book of die cuts.
I hope I will stay on track for the rest of the year now.

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Helen said...

good luck continuing daily and keeping up!