Wednesday 31 March 2021

WOYWW 617: Alas My Camera Is No More

 Morning and welcome to my weekly sharing of the desk with the gals at WOYWW, hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground.  The place where you can nose around craft rooms to your hearts content.

This week's photo was taken by my phone as my trusty camera has a lens error which I cannot resolve despite hours on YouTube and trying different methods.  It is rather a pain as it is far more laborious transferring photos from my phone to the computer than using the SD card on the camera.  I am trying to source a replacement camera which takes NP-45 Li-ion batteries as I have a charger and three spares for the camera which has just stopped working.  Any suggestions greatfully received.  I can get another of my current brand, but only second hand.  My desk shows my desire to get all my marking out of the way before the holidays as this is my last day at work for two weeks.  Daily drawings have been continuing as usual too.

Funnily enough it was creepy which did for the camera!  Stay safe and happy WOYWW.  I shall be round to visit after work this evening or tomorrow morning as usual!

Friday 26 March 2021

Thursday 25 March 2021

Using Reflection Masks to Make a Birthday Card

I missed Barbara Gray's first Facebook Live event using this reflection mask set, but couldn't resist having a play for myself the day after.  I made this birthday card with the Pine Trees by the Riverside pair.

Wednesday 24 March 2021

WOYWW 616: Gone but Not Forgotten

By all accounts Shaz's funeral service was moving, beautiful and very fitting and I was sad not to be able to attend even virtually.  However I understand that Doug will be sharing a recording of the service when it is available so I look forward to being able to pay my respects then.  Wednesdays are rushing by ever quicker with the return to face to face teaching.  This time next week it will be last day in school before the Easter holidays! 

Here is my desk for the weekly contribution to WOYWW, care of Julia's Stamping Ground, where more desks can be visited. 

It's the usual view I am afraid - ready to do my daily drawing before I go to work.

It looks as if the head cold which was getting me down over the weekend and earlier in the week has finally cleared which is good.  The car goes in for its MOT tomorrow so keeping everything crossed it passes wothout too much trouble.  I'll be round later or tomorrow to visit.  Until then, stay safe and Happy WOYWW.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Mixed Media Tag with a Sewing Theme

I am still having fun each month joining in with the challenge over on Tag It Tuesday.  For this month the four prompts were: Use buttons, add a charm/metal piece, doodle around the edges and fussy cut and attach something.  The two colour choices were turquoise and lime green which is one of my favourite colour combinations.

Sunday 21 March 2021

A Mother's Day Card

As Mother's Day is over and this card has been received, I can safely share it here.  I used a coordinating stencil to go with a new die to create it.  Sadly we were only able to meet up this year via video call.

Saturday 20 March 2021

Friday 19 March 2021

Rainbow Bright Birthday Card

I am still determined to make use of all my Clarity New Design Club stamps this year.  I used two of the three from February to create this bright birthday card.

Thursday 18 March 2021

Daily Drawing Update: March part 1

As I am determined to do a daily drawing throughout 2021 I needed to find suitable prompts to keep me going.  For March, I decided to work with the #inktober2016 prompts as I hadn't taken part at the time.  Here is the first half of the month all gathered into one place.

I am trying to think outside the box more, and rely less on tutorials for help.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

WOYWW 615: Plodding Along

 How soon we get back into routine.  It's as if we were never away from school.  Wednesdays still come round quickly too as I join in with Julia and the gang on Stamping Ground for WOYWW and my weekly desk share.

My photo looks as if my shed is stuck on Groundhog Day as it doesn't change much from week to week.  I am closing in on 25% of 2021 with a daily drawing.  The orange Kipling pouch  holds my pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, Posca pens and my small sketchbook comfortably.

I am sure we will all be thinking of Shaz, Doug and family this week with the funeral on Friday.  I will unfortunately be unable to join the live link as I will be at work.  I do hope that it may be possible to watch the service later, but I will be taking a moment during the lesson to pay my respects internally.  Stay safe everyone.  I'll be round to visit later or in the morning as usual.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Magnificent Machines - An Art Journal Page

I am really enjoying keeping up with the monthly challenges over on Mission Inspiration.  This month's prompt was Magnificent Machines – cogs, gears, pistons, engines, levers & gadgets. The suggested colours were Berry Red, Cerulean Blue and Copper. The prompt techniques, to be included in any order were handwritten text, frame or border, fabric scraps, metallic paints, and book text. 

Friday 12 March 2021

Chess Themed Notelet Box

Yesterday I shared the notelets that I made with the new Grungy Grid and Chess Silhouette stamp sets from Clarity.  Today I am sharing the box I made from one sheet of card to hold the notelets.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

WOYWW 614: School's Back

Wednesdays are still coming round more and more quickly it seems.  This is the first WOYWW of 2021 which is a normal workday as pupils are back in school.  I am sharing my desk as usual and joining in with Julia and gang at Stamping Ground - please feel free to join in.  This is also my 1700th blog post!

My desk is fairly normal, sketchbook ready for my daily drawing.  I haven't tidied away the items I used to make a Mother's Day card yet but I will before getting the rest of my marking done - real books rather than online for the first time this year.  

All went well on Monday, the pupils really seemed happy to be back in school for the most part and testing went smoothly.

I have carried on with my daily drawings as many of you will have seen on Facebook.  Here are all the ones from the beginning of March.  I'll be round to visit later or tomorrow morning.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW.