Sunday, 22 May 2022

Friday, 20 May 2022

Flower Power Rainbow Panel Card

I liked the finished look of this rainbow coloured panle care using four of the stamps in Barbara's Block Print Celebrate set.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

WOYWW 676: Happy 13th Anniversay

Welcome and Congratulations to Julia and Jan on the 13th anniversary of the weekly desk sharing that is WOYWW.  Thirteen years of friendship, sharing and a weekly coming together of like-minded crafters.  Everyone is made very welcome.

My desk is actually not very celebratory at all.  I have had no time to make ATCs for the swap this year but very much look forward to seeing what other deskers share over the coming weeks on the theme of connection.  I was looking through some of the sticker sheets to decide on the next pages in my #dailychallenge2022 journal.  The last 7 pages have been using up plenty of them as you can see.

I look forward to visiting friends old and new and their desks over the next couple of days.  Happy WOYWW 13th anniversary everyone!

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Latest Daily Journal Round Up

 The days seem to roll round ever more quickly and the third journal of this year is growing nicely.  I am into a routine cutting background papers to size and finding suitable toppers and stickers from my ancient stash.  Here are the pages for May so far.  Each one uses word stickers from one of the four booklets available from Claritystamp.

I love the combination of printed papers and embossed stickers.

Still sticking to coordinated opposite pages and florals.

A little watercolour pencil used to ground the images.

Sometimes clusters of stickers work too.

More clusters and still using up my K&Co stickers.

Still working my way through my flower stickers.
These seemed fitting phrases for the end of SATs week for Y6.
Back to using up K&Co. stickers.
This one had to be trimmed as it was too long for the page.

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

WOYWW 675: One Week to the Big Day

 The days seem to be speeding by and it is now only one week to the 13th anniversary of WOYWW.  It's never too late to join in and indeed, I have been a regular for fewer than 7 of these years.  Thanks Julia for creating such a fabulous community.

Rather déjà vu on my desk today.  The only way I can guarentee completing my daily journal page on a work day is to prep it the night before.  I never add the words or glue it into the book until the actual day though.

I still have boxes of stickers and papers and could probably continue this next year too.

Thanks for all your well wishes for my hospital appointment last week.  It went well and I have now had the all clear on a number of fronts.  Having finally been to get my eyes tested post pandemic (the previous one was October 2019), I have been told that the cataract in my left eye has developed quite a bit so I will have to have a yearly test from now on.  Collecting new glasses on Saturday though.  

I am really looking forward to a potential WOYWW crop and am busy amassing tags swap then as I don't have the time at present to make extra ATCs.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW.

Monday, 9 May 2022

White on Black Stencilled Tag

 The current challenge over on Tag Tuesday is add some stencilling.  I was inspired by one of the examples by Pinky but decided to add a twist after completing a workshop by Maria Moorhouse.

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

WOYWW 674: What a Great Workshop

The Wednesdays certainly seem to be whizzing by and in two weeks we will be joining Julia at Stamping Ground to celebrate 13 years of desk sharing and WOYWW. I will be unable to join in with the ATC swap this year but look forward to seeing everyone else's efforts.

My desk today shows the samples that I made for this evening's One Day Special on Create and Craft with some fabulous new Clarity die sets.  I am still working on my #dailychallenge2022 as well.

I have started my third 6" x 6" kraft scrapbook from The Works and have started added gesso to the pages of a fourth.  
I ahd the most fabulous time at Tilly Tea Dance's workshop on Saturday and was really pleased with the results.  Many of you have already seen the results on FB and thanks so much for the lovely comments.
Here it is for anyone who missed it - sunflowers and lavender.  It was also fabulous to catch up with Jo and Annie (Twiglet and Whipso) who came to help Maxine tidy and pack away afterwards.
Bank Holiday Monday saw us celebrating Dad's 88th birthday with a small family get together and cake.  My sister has just moved house so we got to look round too.
I am off to Stafford hospital later for a minor procedure so may catch up with everyone tomorrow.  Happy WOYWW everyone.