Tuesday 13 December 2022

Tuscany Scene Mosaic

I decided to turn the scene into a mosaic for this card.

Die cut a topper from Clarity stencil card using the 6” nested squares die. Add the second layer from bottom of the Build a Scene Tuscany mask.
Blend Crushed Olive Distress Oxide along the bottom and add Rustic Wilderness Distress ink to the trees. Drag some of the colour down off the mask and add Gathered Twigs Distress marker to the trunk of the tree.
Mask up the inked area and add the third mask section up.
Blend Bundled Sage Oxide over the aperture and drag a little Rustic Wilderness Distress ink down from the top. Drag a little Crushed Olive Oxide up over the top of the mask.
Mask up the inked areas.
Blend Tea Dye Oxide over the aperture and ink the trees as before. Pull Bundled Sage Distress ink down off the top mask.
Add the second to top mask section and cover the Tea Dye ink section.
Finish inking in Crushed Olive Oxide and pull some Rustic Wilderness ink from the bottom mask.
Mask up the inked areas and add the top layer of mask to the top of the topper.
Blend Bundled Sage Oxide into the aperture and drag Rustic Wilderness ink from the top and bottom mask.
Remove the top mask and mask up the remaining inking.
Add Broken China Distress Oxide with touches of Salty Ocean Distress ink round the edges. Remove all masking.
Add touches of Distress markers in the appropriate colours along the joins.
Cut the topper into 9 squares of 2" x 2".

Add the toppers to the front of a 7” x 7” black card blank.

To finish, add three of the KISS Words stickers.

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