Wednesday 14 December 2022

WOYWW 706: Not too Long to Wait

Short and sweet today - will be over 14 hours in work today as I am stopping on to help out with the cast backstage for their first evening performance.  Hoping it doesn't snow.  Won't be doing much visiting until the weekend probably so apologies in advance.

My desk shows today's #dailychallenge2022 page on its way to being finished.

I have a face to face appointment for my cataract surgery tomorrow following my telephone consultation on Saturday.  I should get a date then and may have bothdone at once depending on what is said.  It will reduce the amount of time off work that I need and speed up my return to driving again.  
Don't forget to visit Julia at Stamping Ground to see other desks.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW.


  1. I hope your long day at work doesn't tire you too much but hope the performance goes well. Good luck with the cataract consultation. Great set of new daily pages, too. Take care Happy WOYWW Helen #?

  2. Hope you get to have both eyes done at once, will be thinking of you on Saturday.
    What a long day - but what fun the latter part.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  3. Hope. The concert is a success - long day but fun! So glad you are able to get appointment for eye op and hope it's not too long before you can get them done. x x

  4. Good luck with the production, I know you'll love it even though it will be tiring. I have great memories of this. Hope you get a date for the cataract op too bet you'll be pleased to get that sorted. Loving the pages too. Wishing you a very happy woyww. Hugs Angela x10x

  5. Good luck with your appointment Sarah and make sure you put your feet up and have a rest after your long day.
    Your album is absolutely beautiful
    Lynn xx (11)

  6. I think you're very brave to have that operation, I hope all goes well and you get sorted how you want . . . a listening doctor is invaluable.
    Wishing the cast and background folks a good evening performance
    Christine #12

  7. I'm whizzing round a few blogs before my first customer arrives.
    That's a long day for you...really hope it goes well and you get home safely after.
    Annie x #7

  8. It always seems to be long days in school at this time of year! Hope the performance goes well. Also your cataract consultation, it’ll be brilliant when they’re done.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xx

  9. 14 hours is a very long day! I hope you get plenty cups of tea/coffee to keep you going! Good luck with the cataract consultation. Great pages. My book is starting to get very bulky, do you carry on regardless or take some pages out? I have loads of pages left! For the most part I am enjoying doing the collages, except for when I can’t find exact he colour I need 🤣. Happy WOYWW. Angela #5

  10. Good luck with your cataract appointment. I hope it gets cleared up sooner than later! Your journal is almost finished! I really like the pages with the poinsettias on the holly paper. Have a great week, Lindart #16

  11. I hope things trot along well with plans for the surgery, having both done at once would make a lot of sense, let’s just hope they see it that way too! Loving the background papers you’ve been using..please tell me that the stitching is pre printed though…or I may have to faint!!

  12. Oh you do my head in with your backing papers, the green holly ones with the zig zag detail to be exact - got those in my stash still too. Hope your long day was Ok, I cancelled badminton this evening as it's too cold and icy here, been out the past couple of evenings and sick of scraping car and being tentative on side roads. Hugs BJ#13


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