Saturday 10 March 2018

A Tour of the Craft Shed

I've been asked by a few people recently to describe my craft shed, so I thought you might like a virtual tour!  I have often told those who are thinking of getting their own shed that I wouldn't be without mine, but that the old saying 'Your craft stash will expand to fit the space available' should be borne in mind when deciding on size.  Mine is 16' by 10' and I have managed to pack a great deal into it; with room for up to five friends if I feel like company!
I like to have everything that I use frequently close to hand.  Immediately behind my work station is my ink pad storage and hanging baskets with acrylic blocks, brayers and inky accessories.
My work station has the large Tonic glass mat and I keep fresh water, an old ice cream tub for soaking stencils, as well as my heat gun immediately in front of me. You can also see my daylight lamp, pencil case with regularly used tools and Tim Holtz carousel with Nuvo Drops, Izinks, misters and water brushes.
Immediately to my right hang all my Tim Holtz stencils on book rings and I also have ready access to brushes, pens, markers and Distress crayons.  My sprays are in the drawers between the windows.  Even though the blinds stay down when it is dark outside to reflect the light (also why the walls and ceiling are painted white), there is an entire row of windows along the side of the shed and in the daylight it is flooded with light.
From the other side of the desk you can see some of the 'guest' workstations ready for when I have company with mini bin and wet wipes ready and waiting.
I am nothing if not a good host, with tea and coffee making facilities also available.  I have, however, lost count of the number of cold drinks that I end up drinking when I become engrossed in my work.  The kettle boils and dispenses one mug of water at a time, so is very economical when I am on my own.
Also along the back wall of the shed (next to the ink storage section) are further Billy bookcases which fit floor to ceiling.  They are all crammed full with stash, books, stamps, pens, journals and my Cricut supplies.  The IKEA kitchen trolley holds my e-bosser, Brother Scan N Cut and ribbon carousel as well as acrylic pour supplies.

The wall opposite the windows is also lined with storage from IKEA including drawers and boxes.  My stamps are organised into either themes or manufacturer and different coloured card is organised in each of the grey drawers.  My bit box is over flowing as you can see, and is often the source of a quick background, as I rarely throw things away.  I even have access to my sewing machine if I need to.  The long drawers hold A3 card and all boxes are labelled with the type of embellishments or stamps that they hold.  The red boxes lined up above the storage cubes (in front of the box files) hold my re inkers, Distress and Adirondack paint dabbers and my alcohol inks.  A place for everything and everything in its place.
Thanks for taking some time to look round my shed; I hope you've enjoyed the tour.

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Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Thanks for that Sarah, I've just got to find the right shed now. There seem to be so many. Wish me luck xXx