Wednesday 7 March 2018

WOYWW 457: Normal Service...

Hello everyone and welcome back to a warmer, snow free WOYWW this week (for more desks please visit Julia over on The Stamping Ground).  I didn't actually get to teach any children last week, as we had an INSET day on the first day back and my other two work days were snow days.  I therefore had lots of extra shed time!  Eva was also able to join me yesterday for the first time in three weeks, so I actually have more than one desk to share today.
My side of the desk shows the start of an 18th birthday card for a good friend of my youngest son.  He is into the game 'Magic: The Gathering'  so I decided to use Sheena Douglass' Once There Were Dragons stamp set.  The card is hidden below the black card so as not to spoil the surprise, but as the friend's birthday is today, I will be able to reveal all on my blog tomorrow.
On the other side of the desk, Eva was travelling light as you can see; only one big bag this week together with her Light Wave and a small bag of Groovi supplies.
She was starting a second piece of line art so that she can alternate between the one you see in the foreground and the second piece when doing white work.  Parchment has to be allowed to rest between layers of white work.  I'll try and get photos of the finished pieces next week!  Have a great week everyone and thanks to all who visit my blog;  I do post something every day if you ever fancy popping back to visit on a day other than Wednesday! 

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