Thursday 18 January 2018

Complete Art Journal Flip Through

As I work on my art journals and crafting in 2018 , I thought it only apt to go back and flip through the first weekly art journal which I ever completed last year following the prompts on Art Journal Prompts (or Nina Ribena's Art Journal Prompts and More as the group is now known).  I didn't actually come across the group until week 10, but I was inspired to go back and complete the first nine prompts as well as keeping up with the remaining ones.  At the end of the year I created a front cover for the journal which made my 53rd page.  I hope you enjoy the flip through.
Week 52 (New Year's Eve) Front cover

Week 1: My word for 2017: Create.
Week 2: Texture.
Week 3: Music.
Week 4: Life is...
Week 5: Take Two.
Week 6: Believe.
Week 7: Fill Your Heart.
Week 8: Spread Your Wings.
Week 9: Material.
Week 10: Magic (the first page I completed).
Week 11: Sparkle.
Week 12:Adventure.
Week 13: Use your scraps.
Week 14: Eastern Promise.
Week 15: Vintage.
Week 16: Step into Spring.
Week 17: Magazine Clippings.
Week 18: Monochromatic.
Week 19: Take 5.
Week 20: Water Soluble.
Week 21: Tissue Paper.
Week 22: Repurpose.
Week 23: Bloom.
Week 24: Graffiti/Grunge/Urban Style.
Week 25: Time.
Week 26: Pets.
Week 27: Gold.
Week 28: Rework and Old Page.
Week 29: Chaos.
Week 30: Summer.
Week 31: Just use card and fingers.
Week 32: Hearts.
Week 33: Moroccan Inspired.
week 34: Friends.
Week 35: Silhouette.
Week 36: Nature.
Week 37: The Sea.
Week 38: Abstract.
Week 39: Use 3 colours.
Week 40: Collage.
Week 41: Q Tips.
Week 42: Leaves.
Week 43: Inchies.
Week 44: Autumn/Fall.
Week 45: Assemblage.
Week 46: Remembrance.
Week 47: Circles.
Week 48: Opposites.
Weeks 49-52: Festive.

Week 52 (Christmas Eve)
All the pages have been shared as step by steps on my blog if you are interested.  A search for Art Journal Prompts should bring them all up.  I have already started work on my weekly journal for 2018; I hope it will be as rewarding as this one was to complete.

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