Monday 8 January 2018

Bubble Tag: As seen on TV!

This was a last minute make for the Royal Talens shows last week and was actually shown in close up on TV to demonstrate how the white acrylic pen can be used to add highlights.
As an experiment, I decided to see how the Ecoline pens worked with the clear gesso.  I scribbled three of the blue pens onto my glass mat, added some Amsterdam clear gesso, mixed in the colour and used the coloured gesso to paint the entire #8 manilla tag.
Once dry, I dragged a thick layer of the clear gesso through the IndigoBlu Bubbles stencil and set it aside to dry thoroughly.
I added a green Ecoline pen in places and spritzed with water to create drips.
A van Gogh oil pastel was then used to add highlights to the bottom right hand area of many of the bubbles.  The white van Gogh oil pastel was supplemented with the white acrylic paint marker towards the top left.

Before the quote chip by Tim Holtz (coloured using Ecoline pens to match the background) was added to the tag, a green van Gogh oil pastel added further colour in areas on the tag.

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