Wednesday 10 January 2018

WOYWW 449: A day behind the scenes at Hochanda

First of all, sorry that I didn't get round to everyone's desks last week; between a full day on Wednesday (more later) and being back at work Thursday, Friday and Monday, most of the weekend was spent catching up on sleep, doing the washing and sorting stuff out.  Thanks again to Shaz for linking me up with everyone via our hostess Julia last week. You can also go and check out other desks via her page.
 My side of the desk shows all the pieces which I took down with me to Hochanda for the Royal Talens shows last Wednesday.  I mainly used the Ecoline pens together with the van Gogh oil pastels, but the Amsterdam gessos (black, white, clear) and the matte gel medium also came in useful.  If you are interested in a closer look at them, just check out the previous eight posts on my blog lol.

Eva was back crafting with me yesterday.  I decided to take photos of all the supplies which she brings with her when she visits.  The Light Wave is mine as she couldn't fit her own in on top of everything else.

She splits her time in the shed between stamping and Groovi work; here is her latest Groovi piece (line work only at the moment).
You can finish reading here if you wish as the next part of the post is about my gallivanting last week.  For non UK deskers, Hochanda is a craft shopping channel here in the UK (which can be watched online too).

Having set off at about 5.10am with a brief stop for coffee and breakfast, I arrived at the Hochanda studios at 7.25am.  Lou (Withers) who was demonstrating the products for the shows and her friend and fellow DT team member Helen (or aitch as she is known) were already there.  There had been two launch shows for the one day special the evening before and they had stopped overnight locally.  The first show was mostly set up in the studio, but we went in for a check of the set an hour before the show was due to start.  A live show was taking place on the other side of the studio so we had to be quiet.  Aitch and I then retired to the green room while Lou went off for her meeting with the producer.
Lou busy prepping

The green room

Changing and make up area for those appearing on camera.
It was my first time as a DT member for Royal Talens and Lou's first with a one day special, so a big deal for all concerned.  The other members of the team are incredibly talented and it was amazing to see all their work 'in the flesh'.  Lou arranged for us all to have our names on screen and as there was a TV in the green room, I couldn't resist taking a photo during the first live show of the day.
Between shows, we moved pieces around to allow everyone the chance to have their work seen, gave Lou feedback on her demos (which were fabulous) and relaxed.  I took loads of my tags with me and gave everyone who popped into the green room during the day a chance to choose one.  Leonie (Pujol) ended up with the last one, but luckily she liked the one which was left lol.  Aitch was dropped off at the station before the last show, so I helped Lou to take everything off the set and pack away once she was finished for the day.  It took a little longer to get home, but I made it just before 9pm.  A loooong day but one I wouldn't have missed for anything.  Thanks Lou for giving me the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team.

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