Thursday 18 March 2021

Daily Drawing Update: March part 1

As I am determined to do a daily drawing throughout 2021 I needed to find suitable prompts to keep me going.  For March, I decided to work with the #inktober2016 prompts as I hadn't taken part at the time.  Here is the first half of the month all gathered into one place.

I am trying to think outside the box more, and rely less on tutorials for help.
As a football fan, the idea for this prompt wasn't difficult to come up with.
Actually, all the bookcases in the house are completely full as I cannot bear to part with books.
An easy idea, given how popular the book is in the UK.
I did copy a picture for this one (see HERE) but decided to add the cloud.
All my own idea.
This image was inspired by the one I drew for found last month.
Once again I decided to think a little outside the box.
A straight forward image.
Inspired by an online cartoon (see HERE).
I did follow a quick tutorial for this one (see HERE).
I decided to go with a dual meaning for this one.
As a Doctor Who fan I remember watching from behind the sofa when I was little and scared.  I did use some help with the couch (see HERE).
An easy one today.
I like to relax with a good book so this was the idea I came up with.
An apt drawing to finish the first half of the month given the weather that morning.

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