Tuesday 2 March 2021

Daily Drawings Catch Up: Inktober 2017 Part 2

And so February is at an end and I am still working on a simple drawing each day in my Daler Rowney cartridge paper sketch book.  I have now finished working through the prompts for inktober 2017 and have found a new set of daily drawing prompts to see me through March.

A quick and easy response to day 17 although the neck of the swan really should be a little longer.
Pigs are actually clean animals, but I decided to show the proverbial pig in muck!
A quick and simple response.
Sadly, my first thought with all the flooding the UK has seen over the last few years in particular.
Given the everyday use of Emojis I thought I'd play with my own ideas.
Once again, a quick and easy response.  I haven't been using as many online tutorials recently.
I do like a couple of juicy apples for breakfast when I am at work.
ANother idea from my own imagination.
I followed an online tutorial for this one (see HERE).
Another tutorial, although mine turned out more of a fat rat than a mouse (see HERE).
I was going to draw a ladder then found this tutorial.
I decided to go with a drawing that covers both the UK and US meanings of the prompt.
I am from Staffordshire so this prompt was an easy one for me to interpret - the Staffordshire knot.
Unlike this one which took a while to come up with something.
Not the first sort of mask which you might think of these days.  I decided to look forward to a time when this is more likely to be the type of mask that people wear.  A symbol of hope.

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