Friday 5 July 2019

Who's the Boss? Coaster Alterations

I was asked to try and do something with some coasters belonging to our son and his girlfriend.  We had given them as a gift earlier in the year, but with use the lettering on the coasters was disappearing.  This is what I came up with.
This is what the coasters looked like when I started.
I used a sanding block to remove the remaining lettering.
Next I gave each coaster a couple of thin coats of Titanium White acrylic paint, drying each layer in between.
For further grip when heat embossing I added a single layer of white paper towel using the Viva Decor napkin glue and sealer following the instructions on the pack.  Once dry I took a file around the edges to remove the excess.
I used the Word Chain Alphabet from Claritystamp to replace the lettering, heat embossing in gold, black and red having stamped in Onyx Black Versafine ink.
I then added gold embossed dots using a black embossing pen to draw them in.
To finish, I rubbed gold gilding wax along the edges of the coasters and sealed the surface with layers of gloss vanish, allowing each layer to dry completely in between.
I hope this lettering lasts a little longer than the original did.


Sue C said...

The coasters look great now, I am sure their owners will love them as well.
I found that the sun had bleached our coasters that are out in the conservatory so I might have a play with different effects to freshen them up.

Lynne Bishop said...

Well done Sarah. A brilliant rescue job. X