Friday 28 December 2018

Trinket Box with Calendar and Post It Pad

To go with the birthday card that I made for my mum,  I created a matching box (or rather the box came first).  She will be able to replace the calendar at the end of the year and also the pad of Post It notes as they come to an end.  I'm not sure what she will decide to keep in the drawers, but I am sure she will find a use for them.  The box was started at a workshop held by Maria Moorhouse, but finished at home.  I loved her ideas for using the die and am tempted to get one of my own.
A Sizzix Bigz A4 die was used to cut 12 matchbox sleeves and boxes (each pass creates one box and sleeve) from black card.  Luckily for me, a very kind friend die cut them for me while I was working on my master boards for decoration.  Each sleeve was glued together and three sides of the drawers, leaving the front open for hiding the ends of the brad handles before finishing off.

Two 6" x 6" pieces of heavy chip board were given a coat of black gesso, then black acrylic paint.  Once dry, the sleeves were built up in three layers of four, glued only top and bottom.

Once the top piece of chipboard had been glued in place, I added elastic bands to hold everything in place until the glue was firmly set.
I had created a master board on two pieces of A4 card to decorate the box (see yesterday's post HERE for details).  I cut 12 pieces of card 3" x 1" to decorate the sides of each drawer sleeve and 12 pieces 1" x 1.75" to decorate the drawer fronts.  These were laid in pairs and the smaller leafy swirl stamp (fronts) and the larger leafy swirl stamp (sides) from Claritystamp added across each pair in black ink.
Once the drawer fronts had been decorated, a red heart brad was added to each before the drawer was finished.
The side panels were added and the drawers put in place.  I ran my anti static pad round the outside of each drawer and the inside of each drawer sleeve before putting the drawers in place, so that they wouldn't stick.

For the top, I cut a panel from master board measuring 5.75" x 5.75" and added the larger leafy swirl stamp along all four edges.

This was then added to the top of the box.
I could have finished the box here,  but loved what Maria had done with one of her boxes.
I decided to use an easel top finish too.  Two more master board panels were cut to 4" x 4" and decorated with the smaller leafy swirl stamp.

One was used to mount the calendar and one for the Post It Note pad which I had.

For the easel,  I cut a piece of black card to 4.25" x 8.5", scored it in half and one end in half again. The Post It panel was added at the bottom. 
A second piece of black card (4.25" x 4.25") was used to mat the calendar panel.
This was then added to the easel.
The easel section was then added to the top of the box.
This box could have additional layers built on, or have double sets of drawers going the same way with larger side panels.  Maria had even made a 24 drawer advent box.

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