Wednesday 10 October 2018

WOYWW 488: It's Not Cheating Honest

I'll start with two apologies, firstly I won't be visiting anyone today as I have an open evening at work and won't  be back until very late, secondly, the photos of my desk weren't taken today (shock horror).  I have got used to the 'working on Wednesdays' routine now and prepare my blog post a day ahead so that I can post it and link up with WOYWW at The Stamping Ground before I leave for work at 7am.  I even comment on the early bird blog posts before I leave.  Today's photos however are a bit of a cheat even for me lol.
My side of the desk was actually only taken yesterday (this morning it has my lap top and the books that I have marked on it: not so interesting).  I was busy creating something to share on my blog and came up with some Halloween themed ATCoins.  You can see my cup of coconut latte and my new purchase, a box of Van Gogh watercolours from Royal Talens.  This photo was taken mid create, but you can see the finished items HERE.
The other side of the desk is a bit more of a stretch.  Eva hasn't been able to make the last couple of Tuesdays, so I took a picture last Thursday when she came over for a crafty afternoon.  She has been working on parchment pieces using the Claritystamp Groovi system and Pergamano tools over the last few weeks and has now more or less finished the white work.  I will take another picture tomorrow when she comes over.
Hope everyone has a good week and I'll pop in over the weekend to see you all.

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