Wednesday 17 October 2018

WOYWW 488: Can't wait until half term

I must admit as I share my desk today, that I am really looking forward to the half term holidays.  First of all because I seem to be tired all the time these days and am ready for a break from work, and secondly because the first Sunday (28th October) sees a mini WOYWW get together in the shed as arranged at the crop in September.  I haven't forgotten and will be letting people who said they could make it know my address (several already have it) via PM on Facebook.  Please confirm in the comments and let me know if you need me to send you information.  I am thinking of 11am until 3pm.  Luckily clocks go back that weekend, which hopefully allows extra travel time without having to get up earlier than normal. 
My side of the desk shows what it looked like yesterday morning after completing day 16 of #Inktober2018.  It is the first time that I have participated and I am enjoying it so far.  (I will be sharing day 1 to day 16 on my blog tomorrow if you fancy popping back.)  I keep my supplies in the Kipling pouch that you see on the desk.  You can also just see the wand that I made for Harry Potter day at school on Friday, peeking out from behind the journal (see HERE for how it was made).  This week my coconut latte is in one of my Moorland Pottery Stoke City mugs.  The other side of the desk is unfortunately empty!
There was no Eva yesterday (she will be popping in tomorrow), so I am sharing the picture from last Thursday of the stamping stash that she brought back from Port Sunny with her!  It looks as if she managed to find plenty of stamps that she liked lol.  Off to work shortly (7am) so will visit when I get home.  In the mean time, if you pop over to The Stamping Ground, you will find plenty more desks to look at, as well as exciting news about the 10th anniversary crop.

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