Sunday 14 October 2018

Wand Making

To celebrate reading, our school will be holding a Harry Potter day on Friday.  As this will entail dressing up,  I thought that I had better make myself a wand.  Having seen a few YouTube videos where a chopstick and hot glue were used as the basis for such a project,  I thought that I would have a go at creating one for myself.  Having raided the pantry for chopsticks,  I made a start.
I started by heating up my Tonic hot glue gun and adding some liberally to the wide end of a wooden chopstick, ensuring that all the sides were coated.  I twisted the chopstick as the glue started drying to ensure that it didn't drip too far down the shaft of the wand.
Once this glue was cool, I repeated the process, but didn't take the additional glue as far down the handle.
The process was repeated for a third time.
Once I felt the handle was interesting enough for a first attempt and the glue was completely cool,  I gave the whole 'wand' a coat of black gesso.  This was followed with a layer of DoCrafts Artiste metallic black acrylic paint, once the gesso was dry.
Once the paint was dry,  I added a coat of Rich Oak Shimmer paint (Cosmic Shimmer) all over the shaft of the wand, leaving the handle black.
To decorate the top of the handle,  I dabbed Pearl Red Amsterdam acrylic paint over it with my finger.  I also added a little along the shaft.
I then dabbed Pebeo Gilding Wax in Antique Gold on the middle section of the handle and along the edge of the top section.  I also added a touch along the shaft of the wand.
To finish the handle, I added Pearl Violet Amsterdam acrylic paint over the bottom section and a little over the gilding wax on the middle section.
I have seen home made wands that are
far more embellished, but this is really comfortable to hold and the pearl paint shows up really well against the black background.  I am really pleased with my first attempt and will probably make some more in the future.

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