Wednesday 31 October 2018

WOYWW 491: Ups and Downs

For once I am actually writing this post on the day itself, although I must admit that the pictures were taken earlier.  It was our friend's funeral yesterday so I did think ahead ready for this morning, otherwise there would have been nothing but a tidy, empty desk to look at.  Check out what WOYWW is all about via the Stamping Ground, where Julia keeps us all in order.
My side of the desk is staged, but it does show the results of some actual crafting (posted yesterday if you are interested).  I have one more day of drawing to do for Inktober then I will have completed the challenge for the first time.
Although yesterday was difficult, the past week has not been all sad.  On Sunday Christine (Bishopsmate) and her husband Peter came over to the shed for a mini WOYWW meet up.  Peter brought his train with him that he was working on at the crop and takes Eva's place on the other side of the desk this week, as she is away for half term.
Christine brought some water colouring and stamping with her and there was also cake!
I hope to be making this Midlands Meet Up an annual event for the first Sunday of half term each October, so if you are within travelling distance, you will be welcome next year.
The specialist I saw at my hospital appointment yesterday morning assures me that the nerve studies that they have done on my left arm and hand show no problems so I am being discharged for the moment.  I did get to see some of my art work displayed rather prominently on Hochanda yesterday in the 4pm show with Louise Withers, when I watched the recording later. Charlie seemed particularly taken with the mask that I had made and decorated using the Amsterdam acrylic paints (see HERE).
As you can tell, an up and down day yesterday.  I am off to the NEC on Friday, thanks to winning tickets from Claritystamp.  If anyone is going to be there, I will be watching the live Clarity hour at 12pm at the HOCHANDA pavillion.  I'll take plenty of pictures!

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