Thursday 1 November 2018

Inktober2018: The Second Half

This is my first year joining in with #Inktober and I have been following the official #Inktober2018 prompts as it is my first time.  I have already shared my first set of responses (see HERE) and today I am bringing my drawings for days 17 to 31 together.  
The first time that I have ever drawn a hand, so day 17 stretched me.
Day 18 was bottle.  I had heard of the death of a family friend the day before, so it felt appropriate to make it a broken one.
Day 19 was scorched and I didn't have much time, so went with a simple drawing.
Day 20 was breakable.  It seemed appropriate to draw a heart.  The zentangling was very soothing.
For day 21, drain,  I went with a straight forward response again.
Day's 22 prompt, expensive, needed to be quick so I did a five minute sketch.
The prompt for day 23, muddy, didn't need much thinking about and was a popular choice of response for many.
I love Tudor history, so day 24, chop, didn't require much thinking about.
For day 25, prickly,  I went with the first thing that came into my head.
Day 26, stretch, was the last day at work for the first half term of the year.  As this is a 5 week month and I didn't get paid until today,  making my money stretch was on my mind.
Day 27, thunder, was the first drawing done without the aid of a pencil under drawing.  I just went for it.
For day 28, gift, I decided to make a play on words.  I teach German and the word gift means poison.  I decided to incorporate both meanings into my drawing.
Day 29, double, could mean so many things.  I decided to draw a reflection where everything is seen twice.
I know there are a few meanings of joint, day 30, but I decided to go with a wood joint as my husband's hobby is woodwork.  Having gone back and checked the official prompts, the actual prompt for day 30 was jolt.  The list I went off had joint.  Never mind!
There could only be one interpretation of day 31, slice.  A nice slice of cake as a reward for getting to the end of the challenge.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and will definitely be joining in again next #Inktober.

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