Thursday 18 October 2018

Inktober 2018: Over the Hump...

For the very first time,  I have been taking part in #Inktober2018 and thought that I'd share my journey up to the half way point of the month.  I am not a confident drawer, especially with ink, and have made a light under drawing in pencil each day before committing myself to inking.  Sometimes I have kept things simple and cartoon like and sometimes I have attempted a more artistic effort with shading.  There are lots of alternative prompt lists available,  but for my first year, I have kept to the official prompt list.  I have used a fine, black Posca pen for inking each day.
Apart from day 1 when I worked in my Strathmore Visual Journal,  I have been working in a small Daler-Rowney Cartridge Paper book (14.8cm x 13cm) and have used a whole page for each day's response.  Some of the prompts have been really challenging and I have had to think outside the box at times, to come up with an idea that I felt that I could draw.
Day three for example flummoxed me until a FB friend suggested linking back to my day 2 drawing.
Having already drawn a beaker for day 1 (poisonous), I decided to go in a less immediately obvious direction for day 4.
For day 5, I stuck to a cartoon like image.
Day 6 saw my first attempt at drawing a face.
For day 7,  I found a photo online that I liked and set about trying to reproduce the outline.
Day 8 I kept simple, as I had had a long day at work.
Day 9 saw me playing with perspective and lettering.
Day 10 wasn't finished until the next morning as I had another very long day at work.
For day 11,  I thought back to my visit to the fashion exhibition over the summer at York Castle Museum.
Day 12 saw a return to a cartoon like drawing.
Day 13 was a bit of a cop out to avoid drawing a person!
For day 14, I decided to think outside the box again.
I admit to drawing day 15 and 16 one after another as I was too tired after work on Monday to try anything then.  I used coloured ink for the first time on day 15 (Staedtler Triplus fine liners).  Once again,  I tried to think outside the box to avoid drawing people.
Day 16 is 'hump day' and the halfway point of #Inktober.  I am really pleased that I have kept up with the challenge and will certainly be carrying on to the end of the month.
It's not too late to join in with the second half of the marathon for this year.  Just click the link at the top of the post to find out more.

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