Saturday 31 October 2020

Glitter Birds on Floral Spray Tag

I couldn't resist using some of the birds from the Birds and Flower Rows stamp set on this tag for the October challenge on Tag It Tuesday.  The four prompts were
1) Add sewing or embroidery thread or fibres; 2) Fussy Cut and attach something; 3) Green; 4) Add glitter.  As you will see, I used all four.
I started by adding the top layer of a paper towel that had been used to mop up ink to a #8 manilla tag. I used matte medium to glue and seal the paper towel and then dried thoroughly and trimmed the excess. The ink was mostly green so that fulfils prompt 3.
Next, I stamped the Clarity bird row onto book paper in Sepia Versafine ink and glued it to some stencil card.
I fussy cut the birds ready to add to the tag (prompt 2).
Using a stamp platform and Onyx Black Versafine ink, I added Tina’s original Floral Spray to the tag.
Three of the fussy cut birds were then added.
To fulfil prompt 1, I added some French knots to the small flowers at the bottom using Madeira metallic thread.
I added some hot pink glitter to the birds to go with the French knots, fulfilling prompt 4.
To finish, I added one of Leonie’s word stickers.


Creative Wellness Journey said...

Love your creative style 💕

frances said...

Just love these where all the steps are laid out for idiots like me. Thank you