Friday 16 October 2020

Inktober2020 Part 1

 I first took part in #inktober two years ago (see HERE and HERE) but missed last year.  I have made a commitment to myself to join in every day this year, following the official prompts.  I notice that there is now a weekly challenge throughout the year, so may well make it my goal for 2021.  I am still not the world's most confident drawer, but am finding that I do not need to rely on under pencil drawings quite so much this year.

Simple and cartoonlike for day 1.
A quick drawing before work on day 2.
So far the only one done not on the day itself. I really had to think about an idea for day 3.
Another quick sketch before work for day 4.
Another quickie before work on day 5.
I have been doing less copying this year and had fun coming up with the rodent for day 6.
This was my first thought for day 7 as the Kipling cake factory is only a few miles from where I live.
One that I struggled with a little so decided on a literal interpretation of day 8.
I am not confident drawing people so decided to show the aftermath for day 9.
My immediate reaction to the prompt for day 10.
I can't stand people who give responsible dog owners a bad name so this was an immediate idea for day 11.
Day 12 was another quickie before work.  Lots of extra cleaning going on there so these signs are out a lot.
For day 13 I got my inspiration from online (here).  When I found the image, I didn't realise that it was available as a rubber stamp.
I knew exactly what I wanted to draw for day 14 but I am greatful for a YouTube tutorial which helped me.
Nearing the half way point of this challenge, day 15 was the first drawing I did with a minimal pencil undersketch.  I will definitely keep going for the rest of the month.  I have been using a fine black Posca pen in my 148mm x 130mm Daler-Rowney 150gsm cartridge paper notebook taking a page for each day.

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  1. Brilliant drawings. I've been joining in too, not nearly as confident as you xx


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