Wednesday 15 August 2018

WOYWW 480: Campsite Desking

A very quick share today (check out Julia's mother site for more desks).  We are off camping in York and will be returning home tomorrow.  Hopefully the boys will have left the house in one piece!
My desk is a camping table. I have brought some colouring with me, but haven't done a great deal. 

We found a fabulous shop in the Shambles for journal and paper lovers.  Hubby has bought me a gorgeous leather bound journal for my birthday but I won't be sharing it until the actual day next Wednesday.  He said that I might as well pick something that I wanted lol.
Shop just to the right of photo.
We have visited the Railway Museum and the Castle Museum, just avoided torrential rain and driven out to Goathland (Aidensfield in Heartbeat), Whitby of Dracula fame and back via Scarborough.  We may visit Castle Howard today as we are heading home tomorrow.  Of course rain overnight is the forecast!

Victorian Street at Castle Museum
There was a display of small hearts and the artwork created from them in the Great War exhibit at the Castle Museum.  Very moving and some spectacular examples.

I have a very small window of opportunity each day to go online when we call at McDonald's for our morning coffee, so I won't be visiting any desks until we get back.  Have a great week everyone.  I have just realised that it is the 3rd anniversary of my first blog post; who would have thunk it lol!

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