Wednesday 29 August 2018

WOYWW 482: This Time Next Week...

This time next week I will be at work so my posts will be written on a Tuesday evening and posted early before I leave the house.  I thought I 'd better write this post today and show you what my desk actually looked like this morning.
I took a wide shot for a change.  My workspace faces the door of the shed (covered by the red curtain) and as you can see, I have space for friends to come and join me.  My heat gun is close at hand as is my rotary trimmer and place mat ready for my coconut lattes.  In the background you can see the birthday flowers from one of my sons still going strong.  I also have a second hand Rolodex that holds slightly larger than ATC sized card (4" x 2.5").  I have tried out some mini art work on there and and intend to fill it gradually with technique cards and mini art pieces.  I am grateful to Louise Withers for the idea.
I am just waiting for Eva to arrive as we are planning a couple of day's crafting before we go back to work next Monday.  To link up with other desks, please visit Julia on The Stamping Ground, who keeps us organised and hosts the link up.  Less than two weeks to the crop now so we look forward to seeing many of you in person soon.

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