Wednesday 22 August 2018

WOYWW 481: Birthday Celebrations

Well the weeks seem to be going round quicker than ever.  Less than 3 weeks to the crop and this time last week I was posting from a McDonald's in York.  To know more about this desk sharing malarkey and the upcoming crop, please visit our leader Julia.  I am rather late posting today as I have been waiting for Eva to pop round so that I can share the other side of the desk too.  It is the first time we've crafted together in the shed for weeks so it makes for a lovely birthday.  We did, however, enjoy a full day workshop with Maria Moorhouse last Saturday, followed by footie on TV and pizza, so we have already caught up with our holiday gossip.
As promised, my side of the desk shows the gorgeous leather bound journal, which I chose as a birthday gift from hubby, when we were in Papeterie last week in York.  It has 6 signatures of hand made paper so I will be experimenting with clear and white gesso to see what works and what doesn't.  You can also see the beginning of a large MDF tag which I am working on for a challenge.  I will be able to show more next week and will share the step by step at some point after the challenge has closed.  For now that's all I can share.  It looks like Eva's blog is going to have to wait for a while as she is having to swot up on some RE topics ready for September.  We are going to the footie together this evening, so I'm hoping that Stoke City will gift me a first win of the season and three points for my birthday; that would round off the day perfectly.
These are the beautiful hand made cards that I have received so far for my birthday.  Even my twin sister sent me a card which came with stickers that you add to the front lol.
On the other side of the desk, Eva has just arrived with cake and another beautiful hand made card!  Happy WOYWW everyone.

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