Monday 1 November 2021

Inktober 2021 Round Up Part Two

 Once again I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in #inktober.  This year I have completed the prompts as part of the challenge I gave myself at the start of 2021 to draw every day - so far so good.  Only two more months to go and I will have filled my third Daler-Rowney cartridge paper sketch book for this year.

I have already drawn a car crash in response to this prompt earlier this year so wanted to come up with a different idea.

A bit of a cartoon look but hopefully no cheese lol.
I do enjoy a good roller coaster ride even if I haven't been on one in years.
A quick and easy response as it was a work day!
There are lots of cats in our family so a lint roller is always around.
A very straight forward response once again.
We had one recently so an obvious response.
I had seen a few dinosaurs and dodos as responses so decided to go with a wooly mammoth.
I must admit that I don't like wasps!!!
I love this game - we have a giant version in school too.
This one beat 'sound' as my quickest sketch of the year.
There's nothing like a nice crispy lettuce leaf.
I was heading for a workshop that say so kept it simple.
I had seen a few snake drawings so decided to go in a different direction.
The first thing that sprang to mind.  Took me back to my university days when we used to have all night game sessions.

Only two more months to go in my 2021 #drawingadaychallenge.

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