Tuesday 16 November 2021

Daily Drawing Challenge: The Ongoing Story

 Happily I am now half way through November and on the last lap of my daily drawing challenge in 2021.  I have been using the #drawingaday prompts from November 2017.  Here's the story of November so far.

I thought the cockrel gave a cool finishing touch.
I went with a literal interpretation.
I am still not confident drawing people so drew them from behind at the cinema.
If only lol...
I decided to go with a Doctor Who reference and drew a fish finger with a jug of custard.
Definitely not something I am brave enought to attempt.
Another easy one to interpret.
Coming so soon after bonfire night this prompt was not as difficult to interpret as I might have thought.
Music always cheers me up!
My inner critic keeps telling me I still can't draw!
It wasn't until after I had finished this that I realised that a cenotaph would have been more suitable for Remembrance Day.
Being a teacher this was my immediate thought lol.
Once again my first thought, but this time as a paper crafter.
I do eat lots of apples.
Another easy prompt.  Half way through November already!

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Magic Maggie said...

Dear Sarah
I love your ideas, and drawings. Who says you can't do people - they are lovely! You have probably already done this, but I was thinking of similar things to have a crack at and my first thought was cricket match. Cricket stumps drawn of matches! Thanks for cheering me up - the booster jab really knocked the stuffing out of me (5 days worth) but it would never put me off having it again.
Hope you are well.
Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) - Bendy is the cat, not me.