Friday 8 December 2017

First and Latest Tag, Canvas, Journal Page

I decided to have a look back to my first and latest pieces of art work in different categories; tags, canvasses and art journal pages.  I don't have any pictures of the very first card that I made, although I do have some of my early attempts and I have come a long way over the last twelve years.  I have only been art journaling for two years and tags are also a relatively recent obsession.  I haven't created many canvas pieces and that is one of my resolutions for 2018; to work on canvas more often.  Anyway... on with the show...
Latest tag
1st tag WIP

 My first tag eventually ended up as a topper for a card as I didn't see tags as stand alone pieces of art at the time.  Now I use them for bookmarks and I am part of a swap group and they are my 'go to' format for quick pieces of art.

My first canvas (of 5 only at this point) was created for a challenge on the Claritystamp page and I later used the same layout to create a card front. My latest canvas was created for the recent ITAC world challenge (Europe) and I was far more adventurous with the use of white space.

First Mission Inspiration
 I am a member of various art journaling groups; Mission Inspiration, JJJAMA and Art journal prompts.  This is now one of my favourite forms of crafting and I have pages I love and ones I am not so keen on, but I won't give up!

Latest MI

1st AJP (Week 5 2017)

Latest AJP (week 49 2017)
Just to prove that I have really made progress over the last 12 years here is a picture of one of the earliest cards that I made, followed by a more recent one (for the same person).

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