Thursday 28 December 2017

Parchment Birthday Card

This card was made for my mother for her birthday yesterday.  It was the first time that I had tried internal picot edging rather than just going round the outside of a piece.  I was quite pleased with the result and have come to the conclusion that getting the pricking right is the key to a neat picot edge.
I worked on a piece of A5 lilac parchment and used the Dream Dangles A5 Groovi plate by Claritystamp to add the line art.  The Nested Squares were used to add a border.
Having started the white work, I added Happy Birthday from the Nested Squares Extension and Alphabet Fame.
I worked on the white work from the back gradually over the course of a week, allowing the parchment to rest in between.
From the front, I pricked all round the outside of the topper as well as round the inside edge of the D, e and a.  I used the Straight Basic Piercing Grid to help remain at a consistent distance from the lines around the outside.  Once the shallow pricking was complete, I went back over all the holes with my bold two needle piercing tool.
I then used my parchment scissors to snip all the picot edges working over the waste section each time.  For my first attempt, I was happy with the way that the internal picot edges came out.

Having chosen a piece of paper from the Indian Summer Paper Pad, I cut a square to sit exactly behind the parchment topper and used 4 coordinating brads to attach the parchment to the paper.
 This was matted onto a piece of black card and then onto another piece of the same designer paper.
Another narrow black mat was added and the whole piece attached to the front of a 7" x 7" card.
To finish, some sections of the outer border were coloured from the front using the Macaroon Sparkle pen from Crafters Companion.

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