Monday 13 November 2023

Backdrop Stamps: Ideas and Inspiration

I thought I would showcase some projects using the backdrop stamps from Clarity Crafts - they come in five different shapes - square, round, oval, rectangle and heart and various sizes too.  All projects have links to the original posts with ingredients and step by step instructions.

They can be inked in multiple colours (see HERE).

And can be used in a similar way to a gel plate and have colour removed before stamping (see HERE).

They can be masked and stamped as a repeat (see HERE).
And make a great grungy background (see HERE).
Great for showcasing stamps (see HERE).
Smaller ones can be used on large cards (see HERE).
Or as the main background (see HERE).
Or a very subtle backdrop to the main focal point (see HERE).
Or even turned into a clock (see HERE)!

I have many more projects on my blog using these stamps if you do a search for backdrop - they are so useful and versatile.

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