Monday 18 April 2022

Say It With Flowers: Part 3

 I am still showing off the variety of Clarity floral stamps to celebrate #sayitwithflowers over the Easter weekend.  Today I have Barbara's Floral Walls stamp sets, Abstract Dandelions, Jayne Nestorenko's Rose and Lattice and the more recent A6 Floral stamps.  Step by steps are available below each photo.

So relaxing to colour (see HERE).
As a get well card (see HERE).

and HERE.
Or a new baby card (see HERE).
The Abstract Dandelions work on tags (see HERE).
and HERE.
Or as cards (see HERE).
and HERE.
Jayne's Rose can create a classy look (see HERE).
A more modern feel (see HERE).
Or even a more abstract effect (see HERE).
The A6 stamps can be clean and simple (see HERE).
Used on larger cards (see HERE).
Or given a less traditional look (see HERE).
and HERE.

There are so many more floral stamps available than those I have shown in this series.  I am sure that whichever ones you choose, you will make beautiful cards.


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