Wednesday 13 April 2022

WOYWW 671: Yay for the Holidays

 The holidays are finally here (sorry to those who will only get the Easter long weekend) and I am getting well into my stride with the enjoying a lie in feeling.  So Happy WOYWW - feel free to join in with sharing your desk via Julia and Stamping Ground.

My desk this week shows the friendship bracelet that I started on Friday afternoon when we had rewards.  A colleague organised everything and I was there to help out.  A fun time was had by all and apparently it was reported to the Head of Year that 'Mrs Brennan was actually nice (lol).'

My daily challenge is still going well with more than 100 pages completed so far this year now.
Eva also popped over yesterday for a little parchment craft while I did some paper crafting.  I am becoming accustomed to the sciatica although it is still rather painful.  As per Kyla's enquiry - the card you liked was indeed stamped and was blogged recently if you want to find out more.  Stay safe everyone and Happy WOYWW,


  1. I do hope the sciatica goes soon, you don't want that long term but glad it's not stopping you enjoying some crafty time with Eva! I am indeed, envious of your longer Easter holiday and definitely looking forward to my long weekend!! Happy WOYWW Helen #2

  2. Sorry to hear you re still suffering with sciatica. Do hope it goes away soon. Love your collage pages and the child photographs are sweet. Nice to see Eva crafting with you. Happy WOYWW. Angela #6

  3. Never had sciatica but having suffered with this back pain for three years now (not an ache - real pain) I can sympathise with you. So debilitating at times.
    Love the pages - wow 100 so far is good going.
    Gosh, friendship bracelets, a blast from the past.(glad you are 'nice') LOL
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  4. You deserve a lie in and you need to make the most of it. Loving the new journal pages and it's good to see Eva joining in with your craft sessions. I hope the Sciatica settles soon. I have found that sitting on hard chairs sets mine off and I take a cushion with me now when i go to the craft club. There are exercises that help. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x10x

  5. I'm sorry to hear you still have the sciatica, let's hope it clears up soon.
    The pages are wonderful - I love all your vintage images and the way you put them together so beautifully. I have to say it was a relief to hear you are actually nice!! Children are so funny.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Diana xx #9

  6. At least they liked you, it could have been so much worse, lol! Making friendship bracelets is a nice thing to do with them. Eva’s looking good!
    Hugs LLJ 3 xx

  7. I had a laugh about you being nice though it did make me wonder... LOL!
    Love the colors in the bracelet.
    Wonderful pages.
    Hello Eva!
    Hope you get to feeling better. I know many with sciatica, so painful.
    Thanks for popping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #15

  8. Whoot whooot happy holidays Sarah 🤸‍♀️💕😘⭐ enjoy every single minute and I hope the sciatica eases off soon for you 🤗 Smiling here ... I'm so glad you all had a fun time and that you received such a lovely report 😁😊🙃 loving the friendship bracelet, used to enjoy creating them too.Your journal pages are always a joy to stop by and swoon over 😍 love them I do... you have done amazing with the amount you've created! Hellooo to Eva too, best time spent with friends. Thank you so much for stopping by mine 😊 I am exciteed for my stamps arriving and will keep your offer in mind 😘 lol. Everything crossed for the Kiln gods being kind ... wish me luck. Sending love and hugs your way,have a gorgeous week Tracy #14 xxxx

  9. So sorry about the sciatica Sarah, it’s not easy to live with and there’s not many comfortable positions you can put yourself in for relief is there. I truly sympathise.
    It’s a hilarious comment that one of the kids made..truly goes to show that they don’t really see teachers as rounded personalities, just the delivery of necessary knowledge and discipline. Of course you’re nice, no surprise to those of us that know you! Gosh went through a friendship bracelet phase with Jenny some years ago, I found it quite a compulsion, probably because I could do it - reminds me too of the craze for long plastic laces that were made into everything for a while, can’t recall the name at all…sounded French I think, but it just won’t come to me! The journal pages are great, I hope you’re getting enjoyment from doing them.

  10. Happy Easter, Sarah. I do hope that sciatica lets up soon! Please share a pic of one of Eva's parchment creations soon. I've not played with my parchment in a very long time. Please tell her I need inspiration! LOL More time woudln't hurt either! LOL Creative Blessings and gentle Hugs. ~Kelly

  11. Get well soon, friendship bracelets bring back childhood memories for me
    Bridget #20


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