Monday 17 May 2021

Daily Drawings in May: The Story So Far

 I started working in my second Daler Rowney sketchbook at the start of this month in my quest to draw every day in 2021.  Here is this month's offerings so far.

For this drawing I admit that I followed a tutorial (see HERE) as this prompt took me way out of my comfort zone.  I usually avoid drawing people if I can.

A much easier sketch once I thought of my response to the prompt.
The first vinyl single that I bought with my own money.
I had fun making up the monster.
My parents gave me this pen when I did well in my exams.
An easy prompt and a quick sketch.
I spend ever more time working on my laptop - especially while lockdown was on and I was remote teaching.
I copied an image i saw online (see HERE).
I am getting braver drawing facial elements at least.
I enjoy history so Captain Cook's ship seemed a good response.
The first of two opposite prompts and quick to do.
Yesterday's opposite number!
I actually haven't done much knitting for a while.  Must have another go.

I admit to using a tutorial for this one (see HERE).

A nice easy prompt.
The halfway point of the month completed.

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