Wednesday 4 July 2018

WOYWW 474: Greetings from Berlin

Hello and greetings from Berlin to all fellow deskers at WOYWW.  To know more visit the keeper of all things desk Julia at The Stamping Ground.  This week's post will be rather short but photo heavy as I am currently on a school visit to Berlin and am busy typing this post at 5.50am (Berlin time) before I need to hop in the shower ready for another busy day of sight seeing.
Yesterday we spent most of the day at the zoo and aquarium before going bowling in the evening.  Of course we finished just as Colombia equalised and by the time we were back at the hotel, penalties were the order of the day.  Even sweeter to see England win a penalty shoot out on German soil lol. 
At the zoo, the main attraction was the pandas; last year they arrived two days after our visit.  However as you will see, there were also lots of amazing sculptures in the zoo to see, as well as stained glass in the aquarium in addition to the animals, reptiles and marine life.
The Elephant Gate entrance.
We saw the gorillas being fed.

The usual suspects.

One panda was very active, the other was fast asleep inside behind glass, so no photos due to reflections.

Amazing sculptures were everywhere...

... and the stained glass in the aquarium was beautiful.

I was glad that there was glass between me and some of the reptiles.

Everywhere in Berlin, you will find large statues of brightly decorated bears; the zoo is no exception.
Finally, the other side of the desk.  Eva popped over on the Saturday before I left on the trip to spend a crafty afternoon with me.  She was using my Cricut machine to cut out all the letters for the birth announcements having finished all the stencilling on the cards themselves.
I would be grateful if Shaz or Zsuzsa could link me up to Julia as I am unlikely to be able to do so (breakfast is at 7.45am German time).  Sorry I won't get round to visiting this week, but normal service will be resumed next Wednesday.  Happy WOYWW from Berlin.

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