Monday 23 July 2018

Web Site Logos

Today's project is an out of the ordinary one for me.  My brother asked me to create him some logo designs to use on his web site.  He has finally taken the plunge and is making a career out of instrumental teaching.  I am so proud of him and he is really happy!  These are the two that I came up with and he loves them both, so I will be excited to see which one he uses on his web site once it goes live.

There were a couple of criteria that I had to follow; the dimensions of the logo needed to be approximately 3:1 landscape and he wanted me to use the colours of his business card and web site.
I cut a couple of pieces of Sheena's stamping card to 6" x 2" and found a couple of flourish background stamps.  The Flourish XL by Inkylicious was far wider than I needed it to be and not quite long enough, but I used it anyway and cut down the background afterwards.  It was stamped in Tiger Lily Archival ink using the Tim Holtz stamp platform.
The second background used the same ink, but one of the Anna Griffin repeat background stamps.  It was stamped a total of four times to cover the area, again using the TH stamp platform.
I found a couple of pieces of card that seemed suitable and used various dies, the Tonic Studios Perfect Harmony die and the Cheery Lynne Whistle a Happy Tune.
I then used the smaller of the Marianne Treble Clefs and the Petite Piano Melody from Tonic Studios to die cut some additional pieces.
As you can see,  I used the Tonic Studio Perfect Harmony piece in its entirety and added it to the bolder flourish background.
For the more delicate background I got more inventive.  I snipped the petite piano melody into two sections and the musical flourish away from the larger Cheery Lynn treble clef.  The shorter section of the piano melody die cut was then joined together with the musical flourish.
I feel that both logo designs fit the criteria, so I await the final choice with baited breath!


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