Saturday 14 July 2018

The Result of an Impromptu Workshop

Once a month, a group of JJAMMMA members (Junk Journals and Mindful Mixed Media Art) get together to catch up and craft together.  At our latest meet up in Stockport, Louise Withers threw an impromptu workshop with the materials we had between us and some new stamps that she had brought with her.
Lou ripped pages from her 8" x 8" kraft card scrapbook (Hobbycraft) to work on and we added paint with our fingers.  First some Titanium Buff to lay down a base coat.
Next we had to choose three colours of paint to add in areas of the page.  I started with an Amsterdam acrylic paint that I had with me.
Lou had a beautiful bright green iridescent liquid acrylic which I added as the second colour.  I chose to break up one of the large areas of red from the first layer.
I chose Vermilion as my last colour of paint to add.
As I wasn't happy with the large area of red at the top, I toned it down with some pink and added it in two other areas as well for balance.
Next, we stamped one of the Beautiful Chaos stamps (Tracey Hey / Alpaca Pals) in Archival ink; I went with Sepia.
Continuing with the idea of threes (even though I'd ended up with four colours), one of the sentiments was stamped three times to create a frame.  This time I used Plum Archival ink.
One of my Ecoline pens and a water brush were used to underline each sentiment and add artful drippage.
I stamped a few more tiny hearts before using Posca pens to add colour and emphasis.
A white Posca pen was used to add highlights.
I decided to add a cute snail to my piece in the bottom right hand corner to add some additional balance.
My piece is at the bottom, with Jane Telford's and Lou Withers' at the top.  Thanks Lou, it was a fun and unexpected workshop!

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