Monday 17 July 2023

#dailydrawing2023: Half Way Through July

 Half way through July with my #dailydrawing2023 challenge to myself so time for another round up of the first half of the month. 

As you can see Broom appears twice so I substituted Bat the second time around.
I chanelled a DIsney character from Beauty and the Beast but kept it non copyright.
A typical scene.
Fences make good ones!
I do like sci-fi.
I decided to go with the verb rather than the adjective.

The non edible variety.
The obvious response to the prompt.
I googled a picture to copy.
I decided to go with the wax variety.
Keeping it simple.
Well we are in the middle of the Ashes series.
Nice and snuggly!
Always my choice at McDonalds.
Still avoiding drawing faces if possible.

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