Sunday 2 July 2023

Two Way Overlay Baubles: A Round Up

 I love these two way overlay baubles stamps from Clarity Crafts.  They come in two sizes.  He I thought I's showcase the smaller bijou size.  Links to step by steps below each photo.

I put a 3D spin on this one (see HERE).

A pair of notelets on a shaving foam background (see HERE).

A more traditional look hanging on a tree (see HERE).

I thought I would also share some ideas and inspiration for the original size of 2-way overlay baubles.  Links to the step by steps are below each photo.

Just using the infill stamp (see HERE).
Both layers (see HERE).
Multiples of both layers (see HERE).
Using fusible film (see HERE).
Or even as shrink plastic jewellry (see HERE).

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