Wednesday 4 August 2021

WOYWW 635: Loosening Up

 It's Wednesday and time for the weekly desk sharing and linking up with Julia and the WOYWW gang over on Stamping Ground.

My desk today shows the stamp sets from the CLarity One Day Special this evening that I was lucky enough to play wi in advance.  If you pop back over the next few days I will be sharing the samples that I made in detail.
On Monday I received a bumper order from Clarity that I made in the members' sale back in July.  It was worth the wait but now I don't know what to play with first lol.  

Eva didn't make it last Thursday after all as she had last bits and pieces of work to complete before she handed back her laptop and keys at school on Friday - she is now officially retired!  She did however come round yesterday for a crafty session.  I have a couple of hours more school work to do and I will be sorted for September so I decided a reward was in order lol.  I was playing with the July club stencil and die that were delivered last month and I hadn't found time to play with yet.

As you can see from the change of #, I have started working with e new set of prompts.  Some of them are repeats of previous ones so I will have to think of a new way of responding to them.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW everyone.  I'll be round to visit shortly - if the new broadband works smoothly - we are having super fast fibre installed this morning!


  1. I hope your new broadband works well for you ... great daily sketches, I do like to see what you've done. Well done Eva! I hope you get to enjoy your Clarity sale goodies soon - woo hoo! Helen #4

  2. It is definietly better to get all the school work sorted at the beginning of the holidays though I used to read through my plans for the new school year about a week before we went back and often altered it which is crazy I know. Hope you enjoy playing with the new stamps and well done Eva lots more time to craft now. Wishing you a very happy and productive woyww, Angela x17x

  3. How nice to have a big delivery so you don’t know what to play with first! Love the daily drawings.
    Enjoy your super fast broadband!
    Stay safe and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 14

  4. Morning Sarah. Oh my - you will find your visits posted before you have made them - superfast!! Enjoy playing... erm.... working!.... with all those lovely new items. Congratulations to Eva on her retirement.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #8

  5. Oh, big congrats to Eva, she’ll have such a good time being retired! She certainly looks happy in that pic. You’re like a kid in a sweet shop with all those goodies, there’s a fab selection for sure!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

  6. Wow, all that new stash - I love the little set of dark background ones like the toadstool - I wouldn't know where to start either! Lovely little drawings - I love seeing your interpretation of the prompts. Glad you fitted in a crafty day with Eva, it sounds like it was well deserved adn it will be nice to be fully sorted for September - I could never leave the preparation to the week before starting back!
    Have a great week,
    Diana xx #19

  7. I spot a teapot in your stamps! I need a nice teapot for my Alice in Wonderland journal, which may or may not be completed by Christmas -note I don’t say which Christmas! Great drawings. Congratulations to Eva on her retirement. Have a great week Angela #15

  8. Loving the look of your new stash! Enjoy playing with it all. Lovely to see Eva again, and your drawings are great. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#18)

  9. Another set of beautiful and inspiring drawings - well done with those prompts.
    So Eva is retired now, does that mean more playtimes for the two of you during holidays?
    Love the look of all those stamps - will look forward to seeing what you do with them all.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  10. Wow, that is a bumper order - so much to play with! I'm a little bit jealous of Eva being retired - imagine doing whatever you want all day! (I know it's never like that though - other people always seem to have claim on your time) Well done for keeping up with the drawings! This must be the longest running (self-imposed) challenge I have heard of - you don't do things by half LOL! Enjoy the summer holidays! xx zsuzsa #25

  11. Love the invisible one, just like me lately LOL.
    Enjoy your Summer hols.
    Happy WOYWW BJ#24

  12. Oh how lovely to have so much stash you can’t decide which to play with lol. It’s good to see your buddy joining you this week.
    Thanks for calling by at mine earlier...I’ve had another manic day so far shortening the sleeves on 4 coats! So far I’ve not heard from my bride so I’m still hoping she comes later.
    Annie x #12

  13. It's nice to have new supplies to play with, have fun with them. Love your drawings especially the one for invisible, that made me laugh. Hope the new broadband is super fast! Happy WOYWW! Elle #20 this week

  14. Sarah, you got some mad stash on your desk!! It all looks so yummy to play with and like you, I wouldn't know where to start!! I'm still trying to sort through my expo goodies and use!! LOL Good on Eva for her final breather and next journey of retirement!! I'm sure as an educator, she is DUE THIS RETIREMENT!! I can't imagine being a teacher, honestly!! Hats off to you both!! Love your sketches as always, but my pick this week is Day 31!! Love the flower, but Day 1 is a close second because it reminded me of my school girl days, when my mother would fix our lunches for school! There were 10 of us, so on the way out the door to the bus, there was a line of lunch bags at the ready for pick up!! Good memories!! Blessings to you Sarah and thanks for stopping in at my desk! Felicia #27

  15. Love the drawings as always, Sarah - my favourite this week is Invisible! Great stuff. I hope by now that your super-fast broadband is up and running. Our super-fast broadband seems more like dial-up at times!! Please wish Eva well for her retirement - may it be a long and happy one, with lots of crafting opportunities especially with her friend Sarah in the craft shed! Thank you for your visit. Your stamp storage looks great - nice that you had one of the boxes open on the desk to share today especially. It's good to know how other people deal with the storage problem. I'm glad you enjoyed my play this week - I did have fun! Thank you also for your good wishes for my hospital visit next week. Enjoy the summer holidays!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #11

  16. Great drawings! And Eva looks happy!
    Hope your broadband works! We have the slowest ever.
    Great batch of goodies!
    Thanks for popping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #29

  17. What a lovely lot of new stash I am sure I would not know what to play with first either, Love all you drawing,

    Take care and stay safe,

    Lilian B# 10

  18. Sigh, blogger drives me crazy. Makes comments a chore.
    Now Firefox access blocked.. even tho signed in it won't recognise it.
    So another webrowser.
    Wowser to all your new goodies, like you am enjoying Olympic games. We've just pipped you for the moment. Prob won't last long. Congrats to Eva on retirement!

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  19. Great drawings as usual! I like the "invisible" best! Congratulations to Eva! It must feel good to have ended another school year, I know it felt good for me, and then the excitement of a new school year a few weeks later. I did miss that when I retired. I did enjoy riding in the BMW with the top down, I didn't think I would because of the wind and speed, but my friend is a great driver, and with the side windows up the wind wasn't too bad! Thanks for your visit, and have a great week! Lindart #32

  20. so interesting how your brain interprets the prompts Sarah, I love the invisible one the most. :) ~Stacy #31

  21. Enjoyed reading and looking at what you have been up to.
    I haven't been active on WOYWW for such a long time and I lost my Artistic mojo ages ago. I am hoping for inspiration looking at prolific artists like yourself.
    I love your daily drawings, you put me to shame. I am trying to do something creative every day.

  22. A bumper bundle of stamps!!
    Glad you had the chance of a play session.
    Favourite drawing this week = Paper bag!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #23
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  23. Sorry so late in visiting but I'm here now. Lovely to have a new delivery of goods and not knowing what to do first. Since Brexit that has now ended for me as of the additional tax payable. Ani

  24. Yes, I'm late for last weeks woyww! So I'm here now! This week,in your drawing pad, I like the invisable one best. And the stamps are lovely I've relised after playing along with T for Tueday I have a lot of Tes papers and stamps I haven't used. I have now! Stay safe. Happy WOYWW? ((Lyn)) #23


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