Monday 2 August 2021

Canvas using Clear Gesso with Embossing Powder Resist

Quite a while ago, I decided to have a go at creating a canvas with a difference and experiment with using clear gesso with embossing powder.  I used the very first Clarity New Design Stencil club offering but the technique would work with a variety of their A5 stencils.
I tore a piece of rice paper off the mega sized blank roll, slightly larger than the canvas board that I was using as a base for my work (approximately 5" x 7").  I scribbled Ecoline pens directly onto the rice paper in greens, yellows and ochres and dried it with my heat gun.
I then tore the paper into sections and covered the entire canvas with the coloured rice paper, using Matt Gel Medium to adhere and seal it.
Once dry I decided to try an experiment.  Rather than using an embossing pad through a stencil, I tapped clear gesso through and then heat embossed the images in clear embossing powder. 
I  added black gesso over the whole canvas, taking care to wipe off the areas that were heat embossed before the gesso dried.  I then put the stencil back into place and 'buffed up' the heat embossed areas.  The clear gesso didn't work quite as well as a Versamark ink pad as I was a little heavy handed and some seeped below the stencil, however if you were using gesso with a stamp I believe it would be fine (the stamps would need to be cleaned off immediately). 
A couple of Quote Chips (Tim Holtz) were coloured using the same colours of Ecoline pens as before and glued onto the canvas to finish the piece.

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