Tuesday 17 August 2021

Daily Drawings: Still Going Strong

 I am still going strong with my resolution of drawing every day in 2021.  Here is the latest half-monthly round up.

A nice easy one to get the month started.

This seemed an obvious response as the Tokyo Olympics are on going.
I found some photos of cave drawings to copy.
I don't drink so this was a more obvious response to the prompt for me lol.
I didn't follow the tutorial but I did use the picture as a guide (see HERE).
I remember those days when the boys were babies!
A tongue in cheek response to the prompt.
A very straight forward prompt.
Friends come in all shapes and sizes.
Don't ask me what kind it's supposed to be lol.

I did watch a tutorial for this prompt as I am not confident drawing anatomy (see HERE).

I have been listening to a few science based podcasts recently (Infinite Monkey Cage in particular), so they inspired me for this challenging prompt.
I combined two fears into one drawing.  For the clown I was inspired by but didn't actually follow a tutorial (see HERE).
I have had this prompt before so tried to come up with a different response this time.
This seemed an obvious response as a follow up to the previous one.
My first thought - a chili pepper.

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