Wednesday 18 August 2021

WOYWW 637: Off Gallivanting

 A different desk this morning as we are off gallivanting in the South East for a few days, leaving #3 son to house sit! Regular deskers will certainly spot the difference as I join in with the weekly link up with Julia at Stamping Ground.

The only things I have with me are my daily drawing kit.  I won't be sharing them online until the weekend though.  Warning - clown image coming up!!!

We had a leisurely drive down to Royal Tunbridge Wells where we are staying yesterday, and spent the late afternoon and evening exploring the centre.

We had a pleasant drink and meal in the courtyard.
Downhill into town and a climb coming back to the hotel.
We explored The Pantiles where there are lots of places to eat and saw the perfect shoe storage/bench for the hall.  We enquired about it and ordered one to be delivered flatpacked to home for £3.50.  As there was a £20 saving on the price in the sale, it didn't take long to make up our minds.

We are off to Hastings today to visit Battle Abbey - the last time we were there I was expecting #1 son so it is 29 years ago lol.  Calling at sister's on the way home on Friday to exchange birthday gifts and cards as it is our birthday on Sunday.  I will be spending my birthday putting the shed to rights as it is having a new floor installed by the boys on Saturday, so I have had to empty it out.  I reckon it will take me the day to put my craft supplies back once they have returned the furniture.

I may not get round to visiting this week as a result of all this.  If I don't I hope you'll forgive me.  Stay safe and Happy WOYWW.


  1. Sounds like you have a fun few days planned,and I hope you enjoy your birthday - although it sounds as if the day itself will be full of hard work!! Helen #2

  2. Enjoy your holiday! How fab that you found the perfect item for your hall, the postage seems very reasonable to me. Even better that you’re away while floors are being done. Thanks for the clown warning, they make me shiver, I’ve always hated them, even the Cirque du Soleil ones.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  3. Forgiven Sarah. You just enjoy your few days away - and the weather by the look of it.
    Don't envy you putting the craft shed back to normal but it has to be done and a new floor will be lovely.
    Take care
    Hugs, Neet xx 11

  4. How nice to get away for a little while - enjoy! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe, With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

  5. Enjoy your holiday. Lovely to get something you want for a good price! Enjoy your time away and have a great birthday. Angela #4

  6. Sounds like fun and games at yours. Have a lovely time away and good luck at clearing the cabin. Hugs, Angela x14x

  7. Thanks for the warning, definitely a scary one!
    Nice foot! Love the fire.
    Have a fun time down here.

  8. Good grief Sarah, of course you’re forgiven, visiting when there are holidays and other distractions like actually being together is more important! hope you’re enjoying some decent weather for the south east, unlike when you am to this neck of the woods. Love the pic of the hotel room ‘desk’….revealing that you take your own coffee when you travel. In the UK, we even bring our own mugs…’away mugs’, because the nice ones the BandBs and hotels provide are just not big enough! a result on the shoe shelf and a delivery charge of 3.50..impressive!
    I know you’ll have some work to do to refill the shed, but it won’t be a nightmare like most of us would have…you’re so organised that it’s just moving well organised shelves and draws back in, surely. Kudos!

  9. That sounds like a fun trip. Funny about the clown warning - and you managed to make him look so sinister LOL. It's not a bad thing having to empty out your shed - you can put things back where you want them and I bet you will find some long lost stuff as well! I should do that with my craft room, really! One day I will! Enjoy! xx zsuzsa #21

  10. Sarah, I do hope you enjoy your "well deserved" holiday!! I'm always impressed by folks who take art supplies with them on holiday! I don't want ANYTHING to do on holiday other than veg out and visit the sites!! By the way, have I sent you a picture of my foot, because that "toe" looks eerily familiar!! LOLOLOL I love you photos. The "Fizz Friday" looks like something I wouldn't mind getting into! LOL The last photo in particular really speaks to me! I would LOVE to be sat down right under that tree taking in the passers-by!! Just beautiful!! Again, ENJOY and happy Wednesday, Felicia #26

  11. Enjoy yourselves in Kent and Sussex. Rye is worth a visit too. Have great birthdays at the weekend
    Hugs Lynnecrafts 8

  12. Have a great time away. Happy birthday on Sunday as always love the drawings; glad you said about the clown as do not like them

    Take care and stay safe,

    Lilian B #16

  13. Lucky you to be off gallivanting - I enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the explanations...
    My fave drawing today is definitely fear.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #15
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  14. It sounds as if you have a wonderful week Sarah, and I hope today will bring you more beauty to see and explore! Enjoy! Oh, and I love your clown drawing! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday while you are in the middle of a 'outdoor-week', enjoy your week/weekend dear! Love from Holland. Marit #5

  15. Well, we don't get to 'get away' til late September, maybe the sun will return by then! I can hear ELO singing in my ear now! Yes, thanks for the warning, the clown is scarrrry1 Sorry this is a Late woyww, can't link to Stamping ground, no matter what I try! Thanks to Zsuzsa, I'm #22 and happy birthday too!


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