Thursday 1 April 2021

Daily Drawing Catch Up: March Part 2

 As both October and March have 31 days, I decided to use the #inktober2016 prompts for this month's daily drawings.  Here are my responses to the last 15 prompts - for 1-16 see HERE.

I didn't fancy drawing blood and gore so chose an alternative interpretation.
I watch a lot of TV shows based in US cities so this idea came quite quickly.
I've not been in one of these for nearly two years, but there's hope for next year.
I suppose this could be a tube of toothpaste or paint lol.
Not difficult to respond to this prompt - I did follow a tutorial though (see HERE).
Another fun prompt to interpret.
A quick thought and another fun tutorial (see HERE).
A rather obvious response lol.
There are lots of cats in our family and they seem to spend most of the time sleeping.
I wanted to respond in a less obvious way.  I followed a good tutorial (HERE).
Turning a cat creepy was fun!
A quick and simple response.
Oh for the days when we could have surprise parties!
I wanted to do something a bit different rather than my first thought of a shipwreck.
This seemed an appropriate image.  25% of 2021 complete!

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