Friday 16 April 2021

Daily Drawing Update: April 2021 Part 1

When I get to the end of April, I will have filled my first Daler Rowney sketchbook of the year with drawings.  I have found a new source of daily prompts and I am now using the Drawing a Day prompts from April 2017.  Here is a round up of the first half of the month.

A most appropriate prompt for April Fool's Day.

A quick and simple sketch for day 2.
Looking forward to being able to travel again.
Another quick and easy sketch for day 4.
I found a cool tutorial for day 5 (see HERE).
This one also required a tutorial as I am not confident with the human form (see HERE).
I enjoy playing cards so this was an easy prompt to respond to.
Drawn from life.  My favourite mug with Toffee Nut Latte.
I decided to draw lips as I had already drawn a hand (fingers) this month.
The phrase tough cookie came to mind.
I decided to go for a whimsical response.
I was feeling lazy so I followed a tutorial (see HERE).
This prompt reminded me of a friend who makes Memory Bears and buys stuffing in bulk.
Another quick, easy sketch from life (although my rosette says 3rd lol.

To finish the first half of the month, I followed a really helpful tutorial on three point perspective (see HERE).

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Annie said...

Thanks for adding my link made me chuckle because I actually stuff them through the lower part of the back seam....but maybe you wouldn’t want to draw that 😂😂😂
Annie x