Saturday 7 September 2019

Using the Quarterette Dies to Create A Decorated Candle

The new quarterette aperture dies from Clarity aren't only great for making cards and bookmarks, they are great for home decor too.  I used them to decorate a candle in this project.

Lay the four mini quarterette dies side by side on a piece of black paper so they create a continuous scene and die cut. Trim top and bottom so the paper measures 24.5cm x 6cm.
Cut a piece of tissue paper 6cm x 22cm. Stamp along the length using the script and cross-hatch mixed media stamps in Forget-Me-Not and Leaf Green mini Archival inks.
Add the splodge as a sun in Sunflower Archival ink.
Wrap the tissue paper round a small pillar candle and wrap wax paper tightly over the top. Heat with a heat gun to let the tissue paper sink into the surface of the candle.
To finish, add the die cut wrap over the top and glue the overlapping ends to hold it tightly in place. 

If the candle were to be used then the outer black paper wrap would need to be removed first.

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Lynne Bishop said...

Like the idea of the outer wrap. Not tried a candle yet although I have a couple ready to do. Looks lovely Sarah. X