Monday 26 June 2017

Junk Journal Flick Through.

I call this my junk journal, not because I have created it myself, but because I use an old notebook for the challenges for the Junk Journals and Mindful Mixed Media Art group. It is not a 'proper' journal as I have to glue pages together to make them strong enough to work on (usually 3 pages).  Although I was introduced to the group fairly early on (I was about member 150) and the group has since grown to over 7000, I missed the first few challenges.  My first challenge was #4 Brown, Gold, Teal with the theme Circles.  I haven't missed any challenges since and look forward to seeing what this evening brings for challenge 24 (always 3 colours and a theme).  I was very wary early on about the types of media I used in the journal, but these days I'll use anything from acrylic paint to Brushos and Pixie Powders, although I mix these with distress collage medium rather than spraying with water to avoid getting the pages too wet.
Challenge 4: Brown, Teal, Gold, Circles

Challenge 5: Blue, Purple, Silver, Diamonds

Red, White, Blue, Lips

Turquoise, Lime Green, Red, Peace - I wasn't happy with this page.

Ivory, Copper, Royal Blue, Science

Burnt Orange, Olive Green, Tan, Nature

Pink, Blue, Silver, Heavenly - I won this one!

The challenge I set: Red, Orange, Brown, Strength

Black, Green, Pink, Feathers

Red, Green, Blue, Buttons

Purple, Cream, Gold, Lessons Learned

Green, Blue, Yellow, Into the Wild Woods

Pink, Orange, Yellow, Sunshine - my favourite colours so far.

Pink, Turquoise, Brown, Music

Purple, Orange, Green, Change

Pink, Green, Blue, Tolerance

Blue, Turquoise, Sand/Ochre, Seaside

Red, Pink, Orange, Watch the Birdie

Green, Gold, Purple, Reflection
There are very few of these pages that I didn't like by the time I had finished them.  Some colour combinations were more challenging than others.  I think that I am more prepared to take risks by being part of this group, so thanks for having me and I know new members are always welcome, so come and join us!  If you want more information about how each page was created, they can all be found on my blog under 2017.

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