Thursday 20 June 2024

Clarity Stencil Club 2016: Ideas and Inspiration

It isn't too long until the Clarity Members' Half Price Sale will be starting so I thought I'd share some of the projects I have done using the stencils from 2016.  I have used 7/12 - some multiple times as you will see.  Links to the projects are given below each photo.

January (#20) Using rice paper on canvas (see HERE).

The same stencil on a patchwork paper background (see HERE).

February (#21) as a mother's Day card (see HERE).
March (#22) as a birthday card (see HERE).
April (#23) also used multiple times - see HERE,
and HERE.
Also HERE.
May (#24) Die cut into (see HERE).
June (#25) used as a background for a masculine card (see HERE).
July (#26) used a a mask to create a background (see HERE).

I haven't used the remaining 5 stencils yest but am slowly working my way through.

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